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Our history is nothing special, we were just a bunch of friends that hung out, had similar views and thoughts. We never rallied or "spoke out" much, we may have written letters to the editor or spoke out in our familiar groups, not much more.

What changed, was the newly elected Executive Branch 2008. No we didn't vote for what is there, but that isn't to say we wouldn't stand back to "see what they would do" see what all this touted "Hope and Change" was all about, who knows maybe it would be better. What has transpired since the election in November of 2008, Inauguration on January 20, 2009 is appalling. It doesn't matter how you "feel" about it, the facts speak for themselves.
Is this Hope and Change?
An Inauguration Ball that cost US/the taxpayer millions
Bowing deeper to all other countries, than as equals
Apologizing to other countries for our actions, sueing states within our own boundaries, turning them into the UN for "Human Rights Violations"! These other countries ask us for assistance, then stab us in the back
Shoving "Health Care Reform" down our throats when "we the people" said no
Appointing Czars, judges or officials without the nomination or vetting process
Hindering any ability to repair one of this countries WORST environmental disasters by the government's red tape
Proposing Cap and Trade, when "we the people" say no, attempting to push it through prior to the November 2010 Elections
A National Tax that is being pushed through as we write this today
No honest questioning of candidates when in front of the nomination committee
STOMPING on our Rights and attempting to remove our FREEDOMS at every opportunity
This is only a bit of what is out there, look the facts up yourself. Don't believe everything you are told by the media outlets. Have you read this Arizona Law? We have and there is nothing in there that is different than the Federal Law, have you read any of the bill on Health Care? We have read some and WE ARE ALL HOSED! There is Rationing of care, death panel and jail and/or penalties if you don't comply!

Below are some links to sites where we post some items and associate with groups or folks that are like minded. We attempt to stay away from the extremist on either end, can't guarantee that isn't there through associations or "friends of friends"

If you don't like our content, then navigate away. You do have a choice. We are more conservative today than before. We don't like what is happening "out there" and want to post all the information we can.
If you have technical issues please email us and we will attempt to resolve it if we can.

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