No matter what you may want to label us, the taxpaying citizens of this great country, we are not violent, yet we will not sit and take it. We are not sheep, we will let you know how we feel. We have a work ethic, morals, and family values. We are generous, kind and have empathy, yet we will not stand for our country to be taken advantage of or attacked. You can push us only so far, then we bite.
What the ELECTED OFFICALS across the USA need to remember, "NEVER bite the hand that feeds you"

How do you view what is going on today?
What stations, news or media do you get your information from?

The BlazeTV
Like Beck or not, he does uncover the truth! HE EDUCATES SO YOU CAN MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS.

  • How do you respond to what is going on?
    Do you join groups or write your elected officials?

    2018 Senate and House Elections

    Your Hometown

    What is happening in your hometown, tell us about it

    We have submissions for Washington State:

    Evergreen Freedom Foundation, WA State

  • Supporting documents posted in our documentation area to the right

    Great groups to look at:
  • RedState, Morning Briefing

  • Flip This House 2010

  •, Home of the Patriotic Resistance

  • TCUnation, Social Network for Conservatives

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