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TRUST NO ONE, verify any information, get your facts, verify each and every candidate. We attempt to post as much as we can but it is UP TO YOU to vote responsibly with facts, not emotion!

2nd Amendment

Voting and Electoral College
When you vote for the President, remember that you're voting in a state election, not a national election. There is no national election for President, only separate state elections.
For a candidate to become president, he or she must win enough state elections to garner a majority of Electoral Votes in the State. Presidential campaigns, therefore, focus on winning states, not on winning a national majority. YOUR focus then should be on your State and your Electoral Candidates, that they vote the Majority for the State not just Party.
This 1st linked document is quite a bit of information, pros and cons of the nominee and incumbent as well as information on our ELECTION PROCESS and how your vote counts!

Voting and Electoral College

2018 Senate and House Elections

2020 Potential Candidates

Disheartened part 1

Disheartened part 2

Disheartened part 3


Just one job loss

State by State Elected Officials, see your current representatives, find contact information, to phone them, email them or submit comments on web sites.

TeaParty Movement background

USA and Israel History

Will you allow the EXISTING Establishment to define you? It doesn't matter what side your on. No one should be able to define who you are, catagorize you into a "position", or define what you believe in. It is time to charge forward and define this country for ourselves!
DON'T Back down and accept their definition of reality, DON'T throw in the towel to their calculations and assumptions before our hearts have ever taken the stage! CALL B.S!
We will define reality. All of US, together. The media has you believe there is a WAR within parties, war on race, that the parties are confused at or with the recent outcomes. Let the media portrait that, let them wallow in the in-fighting. WE THE PEOPLE, will tell the establishment what we want from now on!

WE HAVE TO VOTE SMART, GET THE FACTS, then everyone that is LEGALLY able to vote, NEEDS TO GET OFF THEIR COLLECTIVE BUTTS AND VOTE. VOTE SMART for candidates that will best represent us. VOTE SMART on Local and State issues. VOTE SMART for what is good for your State..

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