Interesting thoughts for April

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THIS page is for some interesting thoughts for April…..

Week of 4/28/22:
When I am in these moments of quiet and alone … only in my thoughts …..what do I contemplate? What would you contemplate
I am not being narcissistic… I am not being vain but where am I?

We all have had issues throughout our life that make us think about things be it a scare medically, relationship we are not thrilled with, work is not “working” out, or otherwise that make us wonder where we are at, what have we done so far. I have had that recently so I guess that is where this is coming from….

I am at the top of my game and those that are here with me ….what do they say, what do they think of me?
Who are truly my friends?
Who are just acquaintances?
Who have meaning to me?
Family is a solid because I love my family but it makes you think about the other people that are around you be at home or work.

Can I take what I do and have any kind of meaning….will there be more?
what would that mean?
I am not trying to be vain but, if I have reached my goals then what?

If I die tomorrow what would my tombstone say…
Who would love me?
Who would I have affected by my being here?
How will I have changed anyone’s life?
What is my impact and what is my purpose?
Will somebody have ultimately valued me somehow and I did not know it?
Why did I not know that, if somebody did value me?

If I am meant to be alone in life with no significant other and no other love than family or friends then what is it for?
What is my purpose?
I always thought I knew what my purpose was but I guess I am questioning that and am wondering if I understood what I thought I did….

“Why” is the ultimate question but there is no why really, so how will I put my mark here and make a difference?
How will I be remembered
What impact will I have on anyone
I hear of all these memorials and people remembering people they lost …
I hear of how much they cared for them but yet they were not in their lives that much…. they did a few things together but not day-to-day….what does that mean and how will I be remembered?

I have a saying in my will/trust that says “if you could not be with me while I was alive and be my friend or more then why would you want to remember me when I passed”?
I am the ultimate smart ass so I know what I want on my tombstone but will somebody put it there?

Week of 04/11/22:
Strength and Resiliency, how are they different?
Strength could be attributed to physical, mental and emotional strength to withstand hits in these aspects, whereas resiliency is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.
Are we Strong or Resilient when we are harmed? Hmmmmmm
Most of the “help” suggestions are BS when it comes to “getting past” an issue or event. You get through things how you get through things.

Some folks go to the extreme and cannot let anyone in again emotionally. Others go way the other way and seek immediate fulfillment. Neither is good. There is a middle row, where you can heal, get healthy and then let people back in.

Is it OK to loose a great person just because you cannot let yourself heal? People get put in our paths that should be in our paths, for whatever reason. BUT, if you are so guarded that you cannot see them, your opportunity passes, and you loose out.

Strength is the ability to not loose your mind when a tragedy or hurtful event happens. Resiliency is the ability to see what is put in your path, allow it in while you are healing.

Remember; COMMUNICATION is key in any situation, do not clam up.


Happy Easter!