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Love being taken for Granted and Maturity:

In life, it is what a friend of mine says; Love is simple and pure, but relationships are another story.

Love is not overcomplicated, full of drama and turmoil. True love is experienced by MATURE people, who chase love in itself, while drama is reserved for immature individuals, who are only interested in a good story.

Yet, a successful relationship cannot be based on love only. It requires respect, trust, loyalty, understanding, care, mutual interests, and similar goals in life. A mature relationship has a bright future, which is not the case with an immature one.

Here are 9 differences between mature and immature relationships:

  1. No one can come between partners in a mature relationship, while immature relationships are endangered by various outside factors
  2. In Mature Relationships, the 2 are available emotionally and ready to pursue the path
  3. Mature relationships are strong and passionate, so they do not peter out
  4. Mature relationships do not require validation, as they are founded on comfort and trust, while immature ones are consumed by insecurity and doubts
  5. Mature couples are not preoccupated with timelines and do not allow cultural norms to affect their decisions about important things. People in love allow things to happen at their own pace and trust their instincts.
  6. In a mature relationship, partners solve their problems face to face, instead of spending their days bickering over a screen
  7. Mature relationships do not make you feel empty, while an immature one will always make you feel like you are missing something
  8. Partners in a mature relationship are already developed, and they respect individuality, while immature ones aim to achieve completeness in the relationship
  9. Immature relationships dwell on the past. Mature partners are not worried about each other’s past, they are focused on the present moment and the future they will spend together. Mature couples do not feel threatened by anybody.

A healthy and strong relationship is based on mature love.  Mature love exists without question of motive or condition, it trusts, accepts, respects, and forgives.

On the other hand, immature couples are jealous, afraid, intolerant to mistakes, demanding and needy, and insincere.

When They Take Your Love For Granted

When Love is given freely, it is a valuable rare commodity, and one that should be cherished and valued, not letting it leave or thrown away like it has no meaning.

When you are giving your all to someone but receiving nothing in return, choosing to stay is the worst thing you could do.

Because staying with someone who no longer brings value to your life means giving up on yourself.

And giving up on such a kindhearted, loving, compassionate human being is a crime no one should ever commit.

But even in the presence of such a pure soul like one to give love, some people fail to see the natural beauty they carry. They take the kindness for granted and disregard this generosity as if it meant nothing to them. They grab the loving heart with their filthy hands and play with it until they get bored and move on to the next innocent soul.

Still, you may be too kind to chase them out of your life. You may be too gentle to cut them off with ease. But sometimes, prioritizing your own needs is much more important than worrying about someone else’s comfort. It is not selfish, or rude. It is necessary because you would be too good to let someone mess around with your feelings and get away with it.

You see the beauty in everything and strives to make this world a better place. The warmth you carry in your heart is enough to melt the iciest souls out there. The softness in your voice can calm the fiercest minds. And the light within you can put a smile on the faces of everyone around you, even when you don’t see it.

You carry a power you may not even know about. This power is what makes you so exceptional and rare. It makes you the extraordinary human being that you are. The vivid energy you bear makes you stand out of the crowd wherever you go. This power is called love.

You are someone who knows that love is the answer in all aspects of life. Where there is love, there is peace, harmony, and growth. And because you believe in love so much, you find it extremely hard to come to terms with the fact that there are people who don’t see its value.

This is why your fragile heart has been broken so many times before.

You hope that everyone else sees the world the way you do. You wish for the ones around you to be as kind, as benevolent, and as empathetic as you are. So you put your faith in them. You give them multiple second chances, trusting that in the end, they would change. But they never do, do they?

And because they would never change, it is time, you deserve better. You are worthy of love. Not the shallow love they have been giving you, but a love as powerful as the one you hold in your heart. You deserve to be cared for, respected, appreciated. Your worth deserves to be recognized.

Be strong enough to leave behind those who take your love for granted.

Once you draw the line, you will finally be able to see things clearly. You will realize that no one else gets to decide your fate but you. You will start investing all of the energy, kindness, and empathy you treat others with into nurturing your own delicate soul.


If you are like the Queen of Pentacles, who embodies all of the traits of Mother Earth and is both practical and nurturing.  You would also be successful, as is noted by the lush surroundings she is usually in.

As nurturing and loving as the Queen of Pentacles is, she is also practical, logical, and methodical. She makes a good CEO in a work setting as much as she makes a good homemaker or partner in love. She could be a gardener! She loves things around her to be beautiful, and she is counted on as the warm nurturer of the group or family and is a very good listener. She is humble and doesn’t need to be the center of attention. Instead, she is the wallflower that everyone wants to meet because everybody likes her. Not only does the Queen of Pentacles have connections socially, but you can’t help but love her.

The Queen of Pentacles is not emotional, but rather methodical and practical. When she appears, the Tarot is telling you to embody this demeanor in your current situation.  Try to avoid it…. LOL

Trent Shelton:  The only way to win with a toxic person, is not to play.

Lies, Confrontation and you (More to come)

It is so interesting that I got this today, As I was just thinking of a new writing on this subject!

Sometimes we live life just going through the motions. We don’t rock the boat because it will upset people, even if they are treating us unjustly, unfairly or immaturely. When the Judgement card arrives, it’s time to shed that toxic skin and just be true to who you are in order to move onto the next phase. When the Judgment card appears, the second last Major Arcana card, the message from the Tarot is that you’re so close to that goal.

But first, you need to free your Highest Self of what is weighing you down. The key is to stop being a people pleaser and avoid letting others take advantage of you just to keep the peace. This is the card of resurrection and regeneration, and perhaps the most karmic card in the Tarot. The Judgement card says it’s time to release the old you and move forward in the situation at hand as the new you. But it’s not really the new you. It’s the you that you’ve been keeping from the world. You may have actual interceptions with angels and guides as you go through this process. It could be scary, but as you see in the figures on the card, it’s also very liberating and very empowering. You are following your true calling in worklove, or life when the Judgement card appears. Or, the Tarot is telling you that it’s high time that you do.

Lets touch on lies:  There is so much nuance to this area.  While I do not want to go into all the vastly different characterizations of lies/liars, let’s talk about Denial or Omission lying and yourself.

Lets give an example to start us off.  Say you end a situation be it work, a relationship or friends, is not relative the context is.

So you end this situation, it is no longer working for you but you want it amicable because you truly do not want a confrontation in that area.  So, you omit facts, deny facts, process, reasoning, so that things end on the term you want them too.  You say “I will end it, cut ties, leave when I am ready”.  Come on how many have said that?  I have…. Doesn’t matter how long it takes because in your mind there is no confrontation, so it is all going swell.  BUT, it is not.

You are only lying to yourself. Your gut knows this too be true, but the thought of having it the way you want it overrides common sense. I have been there, I have done it, you have as well, but learn from it, don’t keep repeating stuff.

Going down this path, is truly blocking your path to anything else that was supposed to come into it that was positive or better.  You know that old saying, close the door so that other doors will open?  It is true.

What needs to happen, is the attempt to be amicable but with facts and honesty.  Communication is key.  You cannot control other’s actions, You can only control your reaction.  If you end things in an honest way, no omissions, with truth then how the other area reacts is on them, not you.  Will things happen how you want them too?  Probably not, but they will happen as they should have.  Delaying the inevitable due to you omitting or denying truths only delays it, it will still happen the way it should.

Most people keep repeating this area as they #1 did not resolve a previous event that was in this manner and created a “loss” or hurtful event and #2 now live vicariously though current situations to make up for the last “loss” or “Hurt”. That does not work out for them or you.  Your path is blocked and you keep repeating actions, so are never truly past it.

Will there be pain and hurt?  Good Probability.  But again it is how you process it, how you work through it that will benefit you and your path.  You HAVE TOO resolve issues as they come not 1, 2 or more situations later, after being repeated again and again.  Resolve/Fix/move on from one item before you get into another. You cannot always have what you want in the way you want it. You need to learn to live with that and that not everything is within your control.

I actually had a recent interaction online with a “follower”. They wanted some assistance, so….. sure what’s up? The short of it was they got dumped, but they still loved this person and wanted to let them back in. My 1st question was why would you allow that?

Then I asked, did this other person just show you what your value was to them? Did they not just say, by not seeing how precious love was you gave them openly, that you were worth no more than a bag of trash to them so easily disposed of?

In getting into the details of it with this person, there was manipulation, omissions of facts, deceit and betrayal. Yes, you loved them, but if the situation was not right then you have to know or learn what your value is, not be manipulated back into it, so that they get what they want through deceit/manipulation, yet you then will be unhappy as there is no truth. Some people just like the “comfortable known path”, so they “go back”, but life is not that way, it is not comfy or easy. It takes work and if folks are together, there should many things in it such as trust, loyalty, no lies, no manipulation. Life will keep slapping you until you “get the message”.

I know it’s hard to move on from pain. I know it’s hard to move on from people. It’s hard to move on sometimes because of fear. But I promise you this, the more good you feed your soul, your mind, your spirit, your body… the more good will grow in all of those areas.

Walking away and when to do it:   Is so poignant.  Who has the ability to walk away?

So many struggle with this action as they have held onto some notion that they can “fix it”, “Make it better”, “Change it”, Can’t do the Confrontation” as it will affect them and what they feel they want.  You cannot.

“You have to accept that sometimes you cannot even though that is hard.  Even if you lose something… better is always available. Better is coming. There’s power in your perspective. Whatever you’re going through wasn’t meant to kill you, it wasn’t meant to break you… It’s meant to build you. Start stacking those bricks. Focus on appreciation and gratitude.”

~Trent Shelton

So many are just afraid to stand up to it. They let their past mistakes/issues define the present and loose out on so much.

Until they resolve the past mistakes/issues in the heart and head, the present and future will be askew, repeated and full of missed positive aspects.
They WILL MISS OUT on so much good that crosses their paths as they cannot see it and won’t even know until it is gone and no longer in reach………………
Everyone has baggage. Assess it, process it, put it away and move on to the better life everyone deserves before you loose what is good and right in your paths.
It is hard, make no mistake!  But if you are not over a past “thing” that happened to you, you will live in the here and now to “vicariously” live in the past.  You had something happen that hurt you, so you try to replace it now.
LIFE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!   Sometimes there is loss, sometimes it is painful, you cannot make up past hurt in present time. ** See Lies/Confrontation above.
If you cannot resolve a past hurt, then you have to deal with it, place it where it belongs and move on with life.  Trying to fix it through another/next situation never works and hurts even more.  The “new” people get hurt when these actions are done, it does not allow anyone to process and/or move on, it makes stuff linger and then they are being taught that not letting go is how it works.
That is not how it works.  Each situation should be it’s own, not run by the past.  AGAIN: Everyone has baggage. Assess it, process it, put it away and move on to the better life everyone deserves.

I know pain, I know past loss. I know being wronged in the most hurtful/deceitful/harmful way! I had EVERYTHING, Literally EVERYTHING:  Home, every material thing, emotions, pet, money taken from me by someone I trusted/Let in/Lived with/Loved. You tell me how you resolve that kind of hurt, that kind of deceit? How long was that person planning on doing that to me to pull it off in under 3 days while I was gone?
I HAD A CHOICE: Live in it, be the victim, absorb that pain. Or, process it, place it, move on. I could let them win or I could stand up, head held high and go on with my life. I choose to let it go, move on and within a short amount of time really my life was so far more than what it could have ever been being around them!
I know heart Loss, I was Widowed after that other huge loss. Again I had a choice, live in it or move past it. I did not make that choice right away, I lived in the pain for years, I gave up and felt I was broken beyond any repair. Then something happened to me. Someone came into my path and showed me I was not broken. HOLY CRAP, not broken! Who would have thought? It is/was an amazing feeling. I now need to make choices again and how I will move forward.

Life is choices. What choices do you want to make?

As an Empath I know the struggle:
Empaths have the gift to feel.
They feel the days of the week, other people’s emotions, the vibration of objects and the energy of places.
We are patient, we teach, we show, but we can stop and move on if those things cannot be seen by the ones who need it most. Sometimes that is what wakes them up.
To “feel” is what Empaths do and is their most powerful and important gift.
We do attract certain types (including narcissists) and repel others. It is difficult at times, but we are here for a reason and need to understand our path and the reason we are put into others paths.
To some, feeling everything so powerfully may seem more like a curse than a blessing. And until the Empath learns to control it, this gift will indeed seem to be a curse.
An Empath’s brain can overreact to emotions, we learn to stop this from happening.
We know the disruption of chakras impact the our body and mind.
We know why certain foods destroy our emotional wellbeing.
We VERY MUCH know dominant and sometimes overpowering gut sensations and what they mean. Not that we always like it, but we know.
We need to prevent emotional overwhelm.
Empath do get fatigue and have to regenerate.
There are reasons Empaths take instant dislikes to certain people.
It is true that Inauthentic behavior weakens an Empath.
We have to learn whose emotion belongs to whom… and much more.
You have POWER if one is in your path!


Sometimes you have to let go, get out of others path, unfortunately:

It is true; some people cannot see the forest for the trees, they cannot see how they are being manipulated and repeating the same past actions because they are being a puppet, so they are here short term not long term…
Paths are crossed for a reason, season or a lifetime.  I live that, I feel it, I try to see it.
Sometimes it gets a bit muddled, but I retreat, refresh and get back to it.  HAHAHA those are my “long drives” in my favorite vehicle, music at 50 lol, to empty the brain, It does regenerate me!
You cannot make anyone see anything, it is up to them. Those that attempt to manipulate using others to try to make someone comply, is moronic! It does not work. Maybe short, short term, but in the end folks do see it.
BUT, if they do not have the strength or will to see what is happening, you have to say oh well, let them go down their path alone and miserable.


Some just cannot be taught or see what they have been shown.  We can be patient, we can teach, we can show, but we CAN and DO stop and move on if those things cannot be seen by the ones who need it most. If they cannot pack their bags, then sometimes walking away is what wakes them up……….

I do listen and like TrentShelton at Smart man, good words!








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