Interesting thoughts for March

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THIS page is for some interesting thoughts for March…..
Week of 3/21/22:
Decisions, how hard they can be

Very hard at times, especially if the heart is involved. Hard decisions can be from relationship decisions either ending or adjusting can be very hard. Your heart wants what it wants, but sometimes you must end things. It is excruciating but must be done. If you allow it to continue you are training the other person how they can treat you.
You deserve respect, value and love. If it is not returned you must do what you must do even if the heart aches for it. It is tough, but you can do it.

Week of 03/11/22
Sorrow; what is sorrow?
Is it the precursor to Heartbreak or is it the aftermath from Heartbreak?
Is it a part of grieving after the loss?
The “official” definition is: a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others.

Sorrow is soul deep; the hurt is piercing. The tears sting. It is sleep altering, mind altering, eat altering, you cannot seem to do any of these.
The loss is from the fact that some people just cannot comprehend how precious it is to have been given someone’s heart. So, you then have to pull back and that is very, very difficult once it has been let out.

You need to make a right turn, get onto another path to help with the change from loss. Tuck you heart back behind the wall. Make decisions that help you. Understand being alone. Hell, you truly have or had been alone all along. You made it previously, you can do it again.
Lock up your heart. Do not give it freely, it is a very precious present to give, so be careful who it is handed to.
For me, I thought I was broke, I thought my heart had died, so when I discovered I still had my heart and I could give it to someone, unfortunately for me it was not the right person. They did not want it or me. Well they “wanted” me in one way but nothing really meaningful. They ignore me in public like they do not know me, that hurts, that is a slap, so I gave my battered heart to someone not good enough for it. That is hard.

Pulling yourself back is hard, and creates that “Sorrow”, that soul deep and hurts. It has to be done, you have to draw back and heal.

03/01 Weekly Thoughts:
In life, it is what a friend of mine says; Love is simple and pure, but relationships are another story.

Love is not overcomplicated, full of drama and turmoil. True love is experienced by MATURE people, who chase love in itself, while drama is reserved for immature individuals, who are only interested in a good story.
When you are giving your all to someone but receiving nothing in return, choosing to stay is the worst thing you could do.
Staying with someone who no longer brings value to your life means giving up on yourself.
And giving up on such a kindhearted, loving, compassionate human being is a crime no one should ever commit.

But even in the presence of such a pure soul like the one to give love freely, some people fail to see the natural beauty they carry. They take the kindness for granted and disregard this generosity as if it meant nothing to them. They grab the loving heart with their filthy hands and play with it until they get bored and move on.
Yet, a successful relationship cannot be based on love only. It requires respect, trust, loyalty, understanding, care, mutual interests, and similar goals in life. A mature relationship has a bright future, which is not the case with an immature one.

Here are 9 differences between mature and immature relationships:

  1. No one can come between partners in a mature relationship, while immature relationships are endangered by various outside factors
  2. In Mature Relationships, the 2 are available emotionally and ready to pursue the path
  3. Mature relationships are strong and passionate, so they do not peter out
  4. Mature relationships do not require validation, as they are founded on comfort and trust, while immature ones are consumed by insecurity and doubts
  5. Mature couples are not preoccupated with timelines and do not allow cultural norms to affect their decisions about important things. People in love allow things to happen at their own pace and trust their instincts.
  6. In a mature relationship, partners solve their problems face to face, instead of spending their days bickering over a screen
  7. Mature relationships do not make you feel empty, while an immature one will always make you feel like you are missing something
  8. Partners in a mature relationship are already developed, and they respect individuality, while immature ones aim to achieve completeness in the relationship
  9. Immature relationships dwell on the past. Mature partners are not worried about each other’s past, they are focused on the present moment and the future they will spend together. Mature couples do not feel threatened by anybody.

A healthy and strong relationship is based on mature love.  Mature love exists without question of motive or condition, it trusts, accepts, respects, and forgives.

On the other hand, immature couples are jealous, afraid, intolerant to mistakes, demanding and needy, and insincere.

Those who know that love is the answer in all aspects of life, know where there is love, there is peace, harmony, and growth. And because you believe in love so much, you find it extremely hard to come to terms with the fact that there are people who don’t see its value.

This is why your fragile heart has been broken so many times before.

You hope that everyone else sees the world the way you do. You wish for the ones around you to be as kind, as benevolent, and as empathetic as you are. So you put your faith in them. You give them multiple second chances, trusting that in the end, they would change. But they never do, do they.

And because they would never change, it is time, you deserve better. You are worthy of love. Not the shallow love they have been giving you, but a love as powerful as the one you hold in your heart. You deserve to be cared for, respected, appreciated. Your worth deserves to be recognized.
Be strong enough to leave behind those who take your love for granted.

Once you draw the line, you will finally be able to see things clearly. You will realize that no one else gets to decide your fate but you. You will start investing all of the energy, kindness, and empathy you treat others with into nurturing your own delicate soul.